Forever Young

What is the thing about being young? Why is it all about finding the love of your life, waiting for Friday, waiting for the next holiday, rushing into a marriage, getting engaged as soon as possible, getting rich before you´re 30 or having a baby so you might skip education? Where is the truth in what we´re striving for? Why do we call them ´the big things in life´? We all have one or several things we´re afraid of – either it´s the fear of being alone or the fear of commitment or being responsible for more than ourselves and our own facebook account. But what we should be afraid of, is wasting our lives waiting for everything to happen, chasing ´the big things in life´ while missing the smaller things. The little things. Cause they don´t mean anything unless you´re happy in the first place. Life won´t be easier once you get married, win the lottery or having a baby. Fears and worries won´t go away once your there.

Being young is supposed to be about laughing with someone you share those unforgettable moments with: Those summer nights you´ll always remember, gazing the stars from a balcony way up high drinking wine and talking about life. Feeling somewhere between tipsy alive and in love. The sillyness and the crazyness. Those long Sunday walks in the park talking about nothing which seems to be «everything», sipping lattés and talking about dreams and desires. Waking up beside someone you really care about, watching them sleep for half an hour. Being afraid of diving into the water because it might be too cold. It is about getting wet in summer rain wearing nothing but a white dress and realising how stupid you were for not bringing your umbrella. Though it really doesn´t matter. It really doesn´t matter.

I don´t know about you but I´m going to be forever young. At least for twenty years or so…


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