A New Beginning

We´re already half way through September and back to basics. There´s something in the air of September. There are so many ends and so many beginnings. Does it sound foreign to you? The edoítor in chief at one of Norway´s greatest fashion magazines is stepping down from her throne, Apple launches their newest phone technology, […]

Day Fall Favorites

What I love the most about fall is the ability to wrap yourself into cozy woolen sweaters, scarves and cardigans. This woolen burgundy scarf and a dark grey evening dress, both from Day followed me home this Thursday. And I allready know they’re going to be two of my favorites this season

Top Gear

We all have to face it – Summer´s moving on. The last day of summer was probably Friday. However, fall´s got a lot to look forward to if we keep up with it. I was so focused on getting it right – A new season, a new week, a new start. Stumbled over this new gear […]

Forever Young

What is the thing about being young? Why is it all about finding the love of your life, waiting for Friday, waiting for the next holiday, rushing into a marriage, getting engaged as soon as possible, getting rich before you´re 30 or having a baby so you might skip education? Where is the truth in […]

Triangl Swimwear

Second final done and in one week my semester is over. Which means that everything has to be ready for the summer season. I’ve been craving for this bikini since I noticed the brand on instagram, and now it’s basically exploded. However, not in Norway. Yet. Triangl is an Australian brand which offers both swimwear and […]

The Avenging Spirit

I scrolled down several photos on instagram when one of these photos caught my eye and I had to look it up. This fashion story is 24 years old, still it knocks most of the fashion stories in magazines today. Its timeless, elegant, sexy and sophisticated and with a hint of agent 007, it´s shortly become […]